VIHAMARK Joint Stock Company was established from the dream of meeting the needs of natural beverages and foods, improving the quality of life of Vietnamese consumers with high quality products. VIHAMARK's goal is to become a leading domestic company in the field of beverage and food.

The company's main brand groups are "FPI100 with natural flavors", "Gifts from nature", "Cooling life", "Natural refreshment", "Natural taste", "Endless Energy", appeared in turn to meet consumer demand.


Inspired by abundant natural ingredients from all over the country, VIHAMARK has since researched and developed beverage products with quality and natural flavor, nutritious, and supplied. beverage demand for Vietnamese consumers. The products meet the trend of delicious, nutritious, natural flavors mixed with typical ingredients from all regions such as Nha Trang Salanganes Nest, Ninh Thuan Aloe Vera, Ben Tre Coconut, Da Lat Passion Fruit, etc. .

These ingredients are carefully selected by our experts based on purity and nutrient-rich standards, and put into products to develop full-fledged natural beverage lines. With all the expectation is to give consumers a real experience like being immersed in pure nature.

Over time, our products have always been developed with a variety of features and models to suit the increasing needs of Vietnamese consumers. At the same time, we also aim to export to many countries around the world.

The domestic distribution system of products of VIHAMARK Joint Stock Company includes distribution systems and beverage shops nationwide. In particular, we have a strong and even distribution network throughout all around Vietnam.

VIHAMARK Joint Stock Company is a gathering place of dynamic people who are passionate about beverage, food and have the desire to join hands to build a powerful domestic company. With a business strategy with breakthrough innovation and long-term orientation, we have been gradually developing sustainably and creating a lot of value for the community.

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