We creat the most perfect products to make our comsumers absolute sactisfaction.

VIHAMARK is a trademark of Vihamark Joint Stock Company. Production and business lines of processed products, import and export of soft drinks and wines of high quality, determined by a nationwide production and circulation license issued by the Hanoi Department of Health.


Bring to customers cool, delicious, nutritious, high quality, safe and affordable beverage products, suitable to consumer tastes in each period, and distribution network. throughout Vietnam, the staff is upright, responsive and professional.

Bring leading profits and sustainable growth for partners.
For employees: As an organization with a humane working environment, where employees are given all favorable opportunities to maximize their qualities and capabilities.

The company always behaves socially responsible, and has volunteer activities towards the community


Make VIHAMARK become the preferred brand chosen by customers, become the leading company in the beverage industry in Vietnam and reach out to the world.


V - Culture: Behave with culture in work, lifestyle, at work and in daily communication.
I - Useful: Bringing useful products to all customers and partners.
H - Learn: Constantly learning colleagues, partners and society.
A - Knowledgeable: Understand the customer market and business lines.
M - Strong: Stay strong before any challenge.
A - Peace of mind: The company's staff will rest assured to devote at Vihamark.
R - Openness: Vihamark always welcomes and provides maximum support for members and partners to work together to build the future.
K - Aspiration: Always have the desire to reach for perfection.

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